UPMONTH is the premier document management SAAS for investment offices - remote WFH solution that orchestrates your document filing without you.

Your investment files get and stay auto-organized.

Blink and you'll miss the magic. It just happened, UPMONTH automatically uploaded your email & attachment to your company library, and auto-filed them as Blackrock Energy Fund IV, labeled as a Presentation with the effective date 12/31/21. They were auto- classified as Private Markets /Global/ Energy. The text was analyzed as having positive sentiment. The obscure file name converted with a standardized naming convention. The document was auto- flagged as unread, contributed by Bob, and placed with a preview image on your CIOs dashboard for his review.

The digital mess you endured last year:

Inbox Full


average number of emails and attachments in 1 year.

Infinite Folders


average number of folders an investment office creates.

Lost Productivity

- $27K

waisted time naming, tagging filing files in folders each year.

Say Hello to a simpler organization

Files + Emails

file + email

You get the only software that stores emails and filed documents in one place.

Don’t sift through folders to find a file and then loose it’s context. Stop hoarding emails because you can’t trust your filing system.

Find all of your investment emails and docs with one search.

Stay compliant with audit trails of when documents were received, read and by who. Each file has a detailed log.

Powerful labeling automation

auto labeling

Automate your document labeling so team members can find their files easily.

Documents get parsed and filed automatically with suggested labels. That means you don't have to manually label files.

Do less robotic work. Turn your process upside down. Make the machine intelligence work for you and not you for the machine.

Gain consistency. UPMONTH automatically labels files; investment fund, effective date, document type and more.

Future proof your work. You approve labels, making the machine smarter at labeling next time.

Dashboards ≠ Folders

dashboard view

Freely adopt a new perspective. AI will adapt to your new method.

Stay organized. Dashboards, for your daily personal use, your investment fund or portfolio of documents are always up-to-date.

Re-organize on the fly. With automated labels, the machine can go back in time and re-label files to match your new asset class model.

      Hours Spent


      hours of human effort required to move and re-file 100K files.

      Duplicates Created


      number of duplicates created in a small investment office.

      Think it, find it

      think and find

          Use simple language to retrieve hard-to-find documents.

          Searching is blazing fast. There is no waiting or learning, just type what you want to find. For example type "Any capital calls contributed by Blackstone this week?", and voila.

          Discover investment themes. Find one file and let the machine find similar files, duplicates or related files and emails.

          Find files any which way. Use tags, fund names, document type, dates, strategy classifications, concepts, sentiment, and actions. No need to dive into thousands of folders.

          Share securely

          shared securely

          Share and keep control of your content. Files never have to leave your library.

          Know who is reading your files. Since it never leaves your library you are in control of who can access what and when.

          Share hundreds of documents without bloating the inbox. Share a dashboard: files organized and viewed the way you want. Revoke access with a click.

          Migration is hassle-free

          Make the move

          easy  migration

          You migrate in 1 week.

          It's easy to switch to UPMONTH. We get it. You've already got other tools. Most businesses that come to UPMONTH do. We'll make your transition hassle-free.

          We’ll create a roadmap for your document workflow.

          You get help from our consulting partner Cordatius (tech guru), to orchestrate best of class flows.

          We will move all documents and provide you with quality control analytics. No file will be left behind.

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