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What did they say?

“The client service of working with us has been exceptional."


Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Deputy CIO

"As an early adopter, we've seen constant improvement.

It has centralized, standardized and organized our document collection across our offices globally."


Alvarium Investments
Portfolio Manager

“UPMONTH has allowed us to automate our document retention and tracking processes saving us a ton of time. Their platform is slick and easy to understand. The Team is very responsive and constantly working on upgrades. They have been a fantastic partner for us.”


San Francisco Employees' Retirement System
Senior Portfolio Manager

"... it helps us with our research. We expanded our qualitative manager information and simultaneously reduced our resources allocated to organizing it.

We were able to stop re-entering manager information into our database. We went from capturing some inbound info to preserving all of it.

This was huge. Now, we have both the data and it's context when we look for something like --who mentioned Covid, first?-- And, it's very fast at answering that."


Greenlake Capital LLC

"I read a lot and share it with my clients. UPMONTH lets me share content with not headaches. I focus on managing clients, not documents."


Cordatius LLC

“I am Impressed; being able to organize by asset class and showing all the document types is really helpful. Most of the technology that I’ve seen is not like that. You have to do a raw query from one folder …it just doesn’t work the same. I’m impressed.”


Caltech Investment Office
Senior Managing Director, Investment Operations

"For our research, we maintained a complicated spreadsheet that was time consuming. We removed the pain and the need for a new hire when we introduced UPMONTH to our process."


Alpha Investment Consulting Group

"When it comes to organizing a large volume of investment related documents, hands down they are the only game in town."


Pension & Endowment with $100B+ AuA
Director; Data Management and Analytics

"...reduced many of our micro-stresses."


Pepperdine University Office of Investment Management
Director of Investments

"I was promised a lot, so I was sure to be disappointed. I am very happy today."


New York Board of Education Retirement System
Director of Investment Strategy

Our Pricing

We have one simple price. You gain more than an a day of smart work per week and you pay for a quarter of it.
The extra intelligence is on us.

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minimum of $8,640
(2 users / 1 year)

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Intelligent Uploading

Get back to work fast. Drag-and-drop or email your files. Your uploads are organized in the background. Find a file, and you can view the email that delivered it.

Custom Team & Division Privileges Setup

Setup is simple and access is secure across the applications. For teams that need to keep certain documents only visible to themselves, they can enable cascading privileges by creating divisions and enabling specific team member access.

Assisted Document Tagging

Don't waste time filing documents ever again. Your files receive suggested tags like document type, investment fund, effective date, and investment themes. And, if you change your labeling logic, it will change all previous tags for you.

2FA Sign in Protocol

For additional peace of mind, you sign in with two factor authentication (via email). The extra layer of security, is designed to ensure you are the only one who can access your account, even if your password is compromised.

24/7 File Synchronization

All your incoming and old files are with you everywhere and at all times. Keep all of your knowledge in your back pocket. Take a meeting in London and keep your team in Singapore up to date in real-time. Make decisions with all your documents and the team's support.

Support Most file Types

Upload what you use – PDFs, Word files, spreadsheets, presentations, scanned documents. Your files are read and tabulated in the background so you can find a forgotten file fast.

Inbox Zero

Is your email bloated? Receive files in your dedicated UPMONTH library for easy, secure archival and retrieval. UPMONTH scans your emails for documents links and automatically adds the file to your library. You won't have to click on a malicious link again.

Fastest Finder

Find documents when you need it. No one asks "where did you file that?" If you are, it's time to upgrade your systems.

Find patterns in your knowledge

Sift two decades of unstructured data to include in your research work, using our smart algorithms that connect the dots. Forgotten papers magically appear when you need them.

Secure Collaboration

Empower your team to share its knowledge without jeopardizing security. You can set granular security features to hide confidential documents with key terms

Easy to Use

Your life is made simpler by a clean interface and intuitive functionality. Once you get started with UPMONTH, you'll find you can't live without it.

Never Miss a Document Again

Set an alert and receive an automatic notification. Create the custom rules you need to help your team get its job done better.

All of your knowledge in one place

Email a document to your library, and save the conversation. Search for the sender or the document, and find both. It's that easy.

Our Pledge to you

  • Zero install

  • Zero hardware maintenance

  • Zero legacy development

  • Zero (almost) manual labeling

  • Zero information silos

  • Zero loss of files

  • Zero security breach

  • Continuous app updates

  • State of the art Infrastructure

  • Foward looking coding

  • Machine intelligence that learns

  • Super-charged searching

  • Perpetual archiving

  • Invitation only community